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Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Endorses Former Anaheim Mayor Tom Daly for State Assembly

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on May 18, 2012

This came across the wire from the Tom Daly for Assembly campaign on Monday…


 The Organization Joins A Growing List Of Business Groups
And Leaders Supporting Daly’s Candidacy For The 69th Assembly District Seat

ANAHEIM – Former Anaheim Mayor Tom Daly announced today that his campaign for the 69th State Assembly District has been endorsed by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, the city’s leading business organization.

“Every public official talks about the need to create jobs — Tom Daly has actually done it,” said Todd Ament, CEO/President of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce.  “As Mayor, he led the planning effort which created the Anaheim Resort district, the economic engine which powers our city.  We need his effective leadership in Sacramento.”

“I’m grateful to have the confidence of the Chamber and our local business community,” said Daly, who presently serves as Orange County’s elected Clerk-Recorder.  “They represent the economic engine that keeps our community humming.  Upon election to the State Legislature, I will work hard to keep our local economy vibrant.”

Daly is the only candidate in the 69th State Assembly District with strong business community support.  He has been endorsed by the Orange County Business Council (OCBC), the Support Our Anaheim Resort PAC (S.O.A.R.), former Greater Santa Ana Business Alliance President/CEO Mike Metzler, Building Industry Association of Orange County CEO Bryan Starr, and a wide variety of local business leaders and small business owners.

Daly has served as Orange County’s Clerk-Recorder since 2002.  He previously served as the directly elected Mayor of Anaheim for ten years.  The 69th State Assembly District includes portions of the cities of Garden Grove, Anaheim, Orange, and Santa Ana.


3 Responses to “Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Endorses Former Anaheim Mayor Tom Daly for State Assembly”

  1. FYI – “See Daly’s lying mailer to AD-69 Republicans claiming Moreno’s not running. And Moreno’s scathing response! Priceless.”

    See discussion on a utility tax – per Joe Moreno (R), and Newspaper article:

    “In short:
    Candidate Tom Daly strongly opposed the utility tax to get elected.
    Mayor Tom Daly did absolutely nothing to repeal the controversial utility tax.
    Tom Daly took credit for the budget surplus from the controversial utility tax.


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