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CD-46: Republican City Councilwomen Support John Cullum for Congress

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on May 12, 2012

This came over the wire from the John Cullum for 46th Congressional district campaign yesterday…

NEWS RELEASE – for Immediate release (May 11, 2012)

Republican City Councilwomen Support John Cullum for Congress

Today, City Council Members throughout California endorsed John Cullum for U.S. House of Representatives.

At a time in our country’s history when politicians are making careers out of running for office, John Cullum will make a difference!  John has proven time after time, that he has the Leadership and Experience to make America great once again.

John Cullum will fight to lower taxes, create jobs and improve education“, said Connie Underhill, Placentia City Councilwoman.  “I fully endorse John Cullum for U.S. House of Representatives and I know that he will win in June.”

“John has the leadership and experience to help turn this economy around and get it back on track.  I have worked with John for many years and know that he will get things accomplished.  He will work tirelessly for the people of Orange County and America to create jobs and make America prosperous”, said Sue Kristjansson, Menifee City Councilwoman.  “That is why I highly support John Cullum for Congress. “

The challenges our nation faces are many but I remain confident that new leadership and conservative principles can make America prosperous once again.  As your Representative, I will be honored to be the ‘ Voice of the People’ for the 46th Congressional District.

Authorized by John Cullum for Congress Committee

About John Cullum for Congress

John Cullum was born and raised in southern California and has been an Orange County resident for 23 years.  John has extensive experience in the Energy and Banking Industries, having worked for Southern California Gas Company for 27 years and as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors for NuVision Federal Credit Union.  He is married and has three school aged children.  As your Representative, John Culllum’s top priorities for our country are:

  • Strengthening the Economy and Jobs
    • Investing in Domestic Energy
    • Focusing on Small Business
    • Reducing Regulations
    • Revitalizing Manufacturing and California Agriculture
  • Health Care
    • Making it Affordable and providing Choices
  • Education
  • Reducing Government Spending
    • Smaller Government
    • Requiring a Balanced Budget / Spending Cap

For further information contact: John Cullum, Candidate, U.S. House of Representatives, 46th Congressional District, 714-321-5836, Vote4Cullum@sbcglobal.net, www.Vote4Cullum.com, www.Facebook.com/Vote4Cullum

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