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Donate your political cash for community good…..

Posted by Thomas Gordon on May 10, 2012


This evening Barack Obama drops by our quiet little state to pick up roughly $15 Million dollars from a few Hollywood types who agree with his stance that it’s unfair that they have so much money.

But what if that money went towards a better cause?

Roughly 46 children are diagnosed with cancer every day in the USA.

What if we each wrote a check today to CHOC instead of our favorite politician

You can by clicking here

Or what if instead we gave it to support those wounded warriors and their families who know what struggle and sacrifice really is.

Those brave warriors and their families can be helped by clicking here

2 Responses to “Donate your political cash for community good…..”

  1. Mark Cohen said

    Great idea, Thomas. Love it! It is great to be in the political game, as we all are, but it is important to remember the other great ways we can help people. Thanks for this post.

  2. Thomas, you are fantastic, thank you for this wonderful post. What a wonderful reminder of the important causes we can and should support.

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