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Lincoln Club Endorsements for Central Committee

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on May 6, 2012

This came over the wire from the Lincoln Club of Orange County via OC Political friend Dr. James Huang…

Lincoln Club of Orange CountyThe Lincoln Club of Orange County’s State PAC has endorsed the following candidates for the Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee:

55th Assembly District: Brett Barbre, Peggy Huang, Hon. Tim Shaw

65th Assembly District: Baron Night, Samuel Han, Hon. Shawn Nelson

68th Assembly District: Mark Bucher, Ray Grangoff, Hon. Jeff Lalloway, Walter Myers, Todd Spitzer, Hon. Fred Whitaker

69th Assembly District: Gwen Dyrud

72nd Assembly District: Michael Gates, Hon. Matthew Harper, Hon. Kermit Marsh, Hon. Mark McCurdy, Hon. Janet Nguyen

73rd Assembly District: Evan Chaffee, Norm Dickinson, Jon Fleischman, Greg Woodard, Mary Young

74th Assembly District: Scott Baugh, TJ Fuentes, Hon. Don Hansen, Jeff Mathews, John Warner

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