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Nuclear Engineer & GOP Assembly Candidate Long Pham Blasts High Speed Rail for Poor Planning

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on April 13, 2012

This came across the wire from the Long Pham for Assembly campaign:

Nuclear Engineer & GOP Assembly Candidate Long Pham Blasts High Speed Rail for Poor Planning 

(Fountain Valley, CA)- Nationally renowned nuclear engineer and GOP Assembly Candidate Dr. Long Pham blasted the latest High Speed Rail plan today, calling it short-sighted and wrought with poor planning.

“Somebody needs to tell the High Speed Rail Authority that there’s no money,” said Dr. Long Pham. “The billions planned for the rail system do not exist. And, if it did, those funds would be better spent revitalizing California’s existing education, water, and highway infrastructures. Instead, California officials are attempting to allocate non-existent funds to a train system that has not even come close to proving a reasonable return on investment.”

“This is exactly why we need business people in the legislature,” continued Pham. “Sacramento is living in a fantasy land, and that’s because most of the legislators have never had to balance a business budget or make ends meet in tough times. We need wholesale changes in Sacramento or we’ll continue getting big, expensive, and unworkable policies like the High Speed Rail system.”

In 1996, Dr. Pham was appointed by then Governor Pete Wilson to the Regulatory Reform Roundtable Task Force. The group’s efforts resulted in repeal of 3,900 outdated regulations and simplification of over 1,700 more, as documented in Executive Order W-144-97.

Dr. Pham’s persistent drive as a leader in his local community is highlighted by his consistent work for the future of Orange County’s Vietnamese community. In 1995, Long joined with Van Tran to form the Vietnamese American Voters Coalition, an organization dedicated to educating and engaging Vietnamese Americans in the political process. In addition, as a founder of the Vietnamese Affinity Group at Southern California Edison, Dr. Pham recently helped raise $50,000 to purchase 900 new wheelchairs for the disabled.

Long and Mary Pham have been married for 36 years and have four grown children, including his son who joined the U.S. Air Force in 2006 and a daughter who joined the Navy in 2011. They make their home in Fountain Valley.


One Response to “Nuclear Engineer & GOP Assembly Candidate Long Pham Blasts High Speed Rail for Poor Planning”

  1. Ray said

    If you think the rail system is a good idea or not the money that is being spent is from bonds approved by the voters for specificaly for that that system. That money cannot be used for any other purpose.

    Long Pham nor anyone else cannot use that funding for any other purpose,so his proposal to spend the Bond money elsewhere is not possible under California Law.

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