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Capitol Alert: Assemblyman Suspected Of Drunk Driving

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 29, 2012

In what could best be considered an idiot move if he is found guilty an Assemblyman has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving (H/T Capitol Alert). Democrat Assemblyman Roger Hernandez was pulled over in Concord on suspicion of drunk driving.

He admits to having a couple of drinks, but he also claims that he did not have enough alcohol to impair him from driving. Whether he actually did it or not will not be known until after the results of a blood test come back. Hernandez apparently refused to take a breathalyzer test which does not look good, although I am not an expert on DUI procedure.

What could be the juiciest part of the story is that Hernandez refused to acknowledge whether or not somebody else was in the car with him. If indeed somebody was with him, I would be very interested in knowing who it was.

Hernandez joins a list of recent State Legislators to get pulled over for suspected DUI including all of the following:

Senator Roy Ashburn (R)
Assemblyman Martin Garrick (R)

Back when I used to write for Red County before it turned into a boring blog, I penned an article talking about getting much tougher on DUI penalties. Many people disagreed with me, and I respect that. My opinion stays the same in that a DUI should carry a mandatory jail sentence of at least 7 days even for first offenders.

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