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S.O.A.R. Endorses Tom Daly For AD 69

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on March 23, 2012

This just came across the wire from Support Our Anaheim Resort aka S.O.A.R. regarding their endorsement of Tom Daly for Assembly:

Save Our Anaheim Resort PACDedicated to Educating the Community and Protecting the Interests of Anaheim’s Resort District
S.O.A.R. PAC Endorses Tom Daly for the 69th Assembly DistrictANAHEIM, CA – The Support Our Anaheim Resort District Political Action Committee (S.O.A.R PAC) has announced its endorsement of Tom Daly for the 69th Assembly District. During his tenure as Anaheim Mayor, from 1992-2002, Daly was a lead advocate for the creation of the Anaheim Resort District. To date, he remains a strong supporter and continues to recognize the value of the Anaheim Resort District. The Anaheim Resort District represents less than 5 percent of Anaheim’s land, and generates 50 percent of the City’s tax revenue.“We are thrilled to endorse Tom Daly for the 69th Assembly District” said Jill Kanzler, S.O.A.R. PAC. “He has a proven record as a local leader who will continue to fight for sound policies that foster job creation and a business-friendly environment. He shares our passion to make Anaheim and the rest of Orange County the best it can be, as one of the world’s top tourism destinations. Few elected officials have shown as much support for the Anaheim Resort District and we are confident that he is the only candidate who will continue to be a strong business voice in Sacramento,” concluded Kanzler.S.O.A.R. PAC is a political action committee that supports pro-business, pro-resort candidates.

For more information about S.O.A.R. PAC, please visit our website at www.SOARanaheim.com


S.O.A.R. PAC | PO Box 9049 | Anaheim, CA 92812

(714) 400-0734 | ID #1323921Contributions are not tax deductible

8 Responses to “S.O.A.R. Endorses Tom Daly For AD 69”

  1. Jose Moreo said

    Good morning. Just wondering if this blog will be posting the endorsements of all the Democrats running in the 69th Assembly District. Tom Daly is a Democrat, much like Democrat Richard Daley was Chicago’s powerful political boss.

    I, Jose Moreno, am the only Republican running for the 69th Assembly district. I offered myself as a candidate as the previous candidate pulled out of this race at the last minute. Here is a candidate website I utilized on 2010 when I ran for Anaheim Union High school board, and was able to earn over 20,000 votes without raising a single dime from corrupting special interests groups, http://www.smartvoter.org/2010/11/02/ca/or/vote/moreno_jl/

    I expect to have my campaign up in running full steam very soon.

    Thank you for your consideration in June.

    Jose Moreno
    Candidate for the 69th Assembly

    • If the endorsement comes from a right of center organization or person then we will run it.

      Yesterday had you bothered showing up for the CRA endorsement we would have blogged about your endorsement.

      • Jose Moreo said

        I offered my candidacy for the 69th assembly district as the the previus Republican candidate pulled out in the last minute. I believe you were helping him file for another office.

        I shouldn’t have to explain my absence at the CRA endoresement meeting but I had a previous family commitment. For me, family is always first, no exceptions.

        I would ask that before readers consider Tom Daly as a moderate “Democrat” they view the friends of
        Fullerton future blog, listing that has a nice detailed stories about who is Democrat Tom Daly.

        • Bro,

          I don’t even like Tom Daly and I hope you win. However, you came on here attacking us for running a press release from a right of center group about their endorsement of Tom Daly. If you’ve got a problem with this I urge you to talk to S.O.A.R. Send us your press releases and we will run them, that is our policy.

          Regarding the CRA endorsement, I should have probably phrased what I said better. I didn’t mean that you needed to physically be there. Candidates who were not able to be present had to simply submit a questionnaire and they would have been considered for an endorsement. You likely would have been endorsed and I would have been happy to have voted for you being a delegate from Orange-Villa Park.

          FYI you can still get the CRA endorsement by requesting the endorsement and submitting a questionnaire. It will have to go through the Presidents Council though.

  2. Jose Moreo said

    No worries.

    I agree though. It’s funny how many Democrats like to take credit for many things that just aren’t true. Al Gore invented the Internet and Tom Daly seemingly saved Anaheim by bringing Walt Disney’s vision to Anaheim of Los Angeles.

    • Dan Chmielewski said

      Mr. Moreo — Vint Cerf, a father of the World Wide Web, is on the record that the federal funding secured by Congressman and then Senator Al Gore was instrumental in funding the development of what we now know is the commercial Internet. He maintains that Mr. Gore is more than entitled to make the claim of taking the initiative to invent the Internet. Gore didn’t invent the Internet but it wouldn’t be what it is today without him.

      Republicans also take a lot of credit for things that aren’t true. Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Water boarding isn’t torture. Terry Schaivo can snap out of it. Mitt Romney is a conservative. Stuff like that.

      • Jose Moreo said

        I agree with you Dan that liars are not exclusively Democrats. Republicans, like Democrats are human too. Both have mislead or even blatantly lied for a variety of reasons, some in the belief it was in our country’s best interests other times it seemingly was their own best interest.

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