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Fun Stories From OC ROV Friday: Game Of Beat The Clock

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 13, 2012

Note to candidates: If you are going to run for office don’t wait until the last-minute to turn in your paperwork.

I was at the Orange County Registrar of Voters on Friday helping out Custom Campaigns clients with their filing paperwork throughout the day. I had some business to attend to with a client who arrived by 4:00 PM.

Around 4:45 PM I realized that it might be fun to take a seat and watch the candidates frantically come running down the ramp to get in before the officer in charge of managing the end of the day locked the doors at 5:00 PM.

At 4:47 PM I heard the consultant on the phone with Travis Allen who was stuck on Edinger trying to get to the office. At the time Allen had not finished his paperwork for Assembly and was thought to be off the ballot if he did not get into the office by 5:00 PM. This turned to be really interesting with this race going into extended filing by the mistaken rationale of the California Secretary State in a post written by the grumpy one this morning.

It did not matter though as Allen came running in the door at about 4:52 PM, thus winning the proverbial game of “Beat the Clock.”

Dr. Long Pham also got in the door with less than 5 minutes to spare but in his case nobody really won. More on the Long Pham story tomorrow.

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  1. […] of the wildest things that I have ever seen during a filing period. Much like Travis Allen who I blogged about yesterday Long Pham ran into the Orange County Registrar of Voters at what I believe was around 4:55 PM […]

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