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BREAKING NEWS: CRP Endorses Emken For U.S. Senate

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 11, 2012

The CRP has endorsed Elizabeth Emken for U.S. Senate in the race against Dianne Feinstein.  More information later…

UPDATED 11:48 PM– The CRP held a meeting for endorsements which included just 24 members to vote on who should be the endorsed in races throughout California. Emken is a solid candidate and has some solid conservative support so far, even though Feinstein will be extremely tough to beat it is always worth a shot.

The main reason why I am pleased to see the party choose to endorse in this race is for fear that Orly Taitz will advance into the November election. The last thing the Republican Party needs is a lunatic effectively branding the party with their image in what will be a high-profile race.

She is endorsed by local Assemblymembers Jim Silva and Don Wagner.

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  1. […] in most races for Congress, the State Senate, and the State Assembly.  Emami blogged about the CRP endorsement of Elizabeth Emken for the US Senate while I indirectly linked to the list of endorsements in this post (via […]

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