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Romney Gets Momentum Back On His Side

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 28, 2012

As promised earlier in my post about the election tonight, I will give a quick recap of the results. In what is not a huge surprise, Mitt Romney had a big night nd seems to have regained the momentum in the primary election.

After having a disappointing night a couple of weeks ago losing both Colorado and Minnesota many projected that the downward spiral would continue.

Within minutes of the Arizona polls closing Romney was declared the winner in what appears to be a landslide. This is a huge deal, because Arizona is a winner-take-all election and will be an immediate boost to the Romney campaign.

Michigan is still a close race between Romney and Santorum, but I project based on the way the numbers are trending that Romney will hold on for the victory.

Newt Gingrich continues to further fall into obscurity and had arguably his worst night yet in this election. I think that it might be time for him to call it quits.

The next election is this Saturday in Washington. We will keep our eyes on this one, although it will be hard to not look ahead to “Super Tuesday” which is next week on Tuesday.

9 Responses to “Romney Gets Momentum Back On His Side”

  1. Ocpoliticsblog said

    C’mon Chris. That is total spin. Arizona’s racist GOP voters have been voting since February. They voted for Romney before the even worse Santorum made a race of it.

    Michigan is a better test – and Santorum’s boys got the bright idea of reaching out to Dem voters in what appears to be an open primary. I bet he wins, putting Romney right back in the mess he was in before AZ.

    As for Newt, I would not count him out. He will do better in the Southern states.

    But in the end, Ron Paul is the only decent Republican candidate. The rest of these guys are total yahoos.

    • Firstly, resorting to race-baiting underminds civil political discourse, and is part of the toxic rhetoric that makes it difficult for people in this country to cooperate. America would be better off without the coarsening of political discussion and debate. It’s kind of hard for a person to reason or compromise with another person who calls him/her a racist.

      Secondly, people have leveled accusations of racism at Ron Paul, and these accusations are no fairer than those you have lobbed at Arizona’s Republicans.

      Thirdly, on the Arizonans “voting since February,” I would note this is still February.

      Fourthly, Romney did end up winning Michigan.

      • Are you kidding? I realize that your people got a free ride to this country, after you couldn’t hang on to your own, but the US stole the Southwest from Mexico. And now the AZ GOP is firmly against allowing the people that were wronged to come here? I assure you that gates would be wide open if Mexicans were white and spoke English, like the Canadians. That means this is indeed racism. The irony is that Latinos will eventually become the voting majority in all of the southwest.

        As for the primary, the voting has been taking place since Feb. 2, when Romney was clearly leading. Of course he won. And though he won his home state, he probably lost a few delegates, as that is not a winner take all primary. He remains a terrible candidate.

        Ron Paul has racist views towards immigrants too, but he is far better than the other Republican candidates on the rest of the issues. The best candidate overall is Gary Johnson. He is the one I’ll be voting for.

        • You said, “I realize that your people got a free ride to this country, after you couldn’t hang on to your own, but the US stole the Southwest from Mexico.” Please see my first point.

          I will also note the following statistics from 2000-2009; I don’t think racism would produce these results:
          1,704,166 Mexicans were granted green cards – more than any other country (and more than all of Europe combined).
          1,348,904 Europeans were granted green cards.
          236,349 Canadians were granted green cards.

          Click to access ois_yb_2010.pdf

          Regarding the primary, exit polling shows Romney won across the board in Arizona, including voters who decided in the last few days, earlier in February, in January, and in 2011. He would have won even if the voting had only been on February 28. Also, on the question of the best policy towards illegal immigrants, 36% of Arizona Republican voters support allowing them to apply for citizenship, 27% support allowing them to stay as temporary workers, and 31% support deporting them; with those numbers, doesn’t it seem a bit ridiculous to refer to “Arizona’s racist GOP voters” as was done in the first comment?

          In your first comment, you said, “I bet he [Santorum] wins, putting Romney right back in the mess he was in before AZ.” In your latest comment, you changed your position, “And though he won his home state, he probably lost a few delegates, as that is not a winner take all primary.” While it is true he did not win all the delegates, that wasn’t the point originally made in the first comment.

          While Romney is indeed a terrible candidate, that doesn’t mean Emami’s post was “total spin” as you put it; Romney did indeed have a “big night nd [sic] seems to have regained the momentum” in this race.

          • That survey was of all voters, correct? If they only surveyed Arizona’s GOP voters I’m sure the results would be quite different.

            It is appropriate that Mexicans receive more green cards as they are close by and come here to work.

            • 72% of those polled were Republicans. Even if you assumed every single non-Republican in the poll supported allowing illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship, that would still have the pro-deportation people in the minority among Arizona Republicans.

              My point on the green card statistics was in response to the comment: “I assure you that gates would be wide open if Mexicans were white and spoke English, like the Canadians. That means this is indeed racism.” If racism were as prevalent as the quoted statement argued, there would be a lot fewer Mexicans who were granted green cards.

              • Weird poll. But if 24% of those queried were Democrats or independents I would suggest that they were the ones who were pro immigrants.
                The green card argument is immaterial. How many applicants were rejected in that period? How many have been deported un the past five years?

                Most Republicans are rabidly anti Mexican. Your Presidential candidates certainly are.

        • TwitterBot said

          Is it me, or did Art Pedroza just make an amazingly racist comment about Vietnamese? “Your people got a free ride to this country…” as political refugees! Why not attack Bosnians too? And attacking caucasians is racist too, ins’t it? The US didn’t steal the southwest from Mexico. There was this little thing called the Mexican War. You might have heard about it Pedroza. It started when the dictatoral government of Mexico attacked American troops along the southern border of Texas in 1846. Fighting ended 17 months later when forces occupied Mexico City. The peace treaty recognized the U.S. annexation of Texas, and the defeated Mexican government ceded California, Arizona and New Mexico to the United States. The Mexican people weren’t wrong. They lost a war — badly. They refused to recognize Texas was had declared indepence from Mexico and that Californios were rebelling against harsh Mexcian rule.

          Do you own a map? Look at the US border with Mexico. Now look at the US border with Canada. The Canadian border is much larger and you have the same requirements of crossing the border. Do Michele Martinez and Miguel Pulido share your hatred and racist attitudes towards the Vietnamese? Please wrap a North Vietnamese flag around your shoulders like a Zorro cape and walk into Little Saigon and see how far that gets you.

          This should be a color blind society. While you rail against antyhing anti-Latino, but with your attacks on any race other than Latino you have established yourself as the biggest bigot in the OC blogs.

  2. Lowell Mussell said

    Hello, The Today Show did a story about this, didn’t they?

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