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Gas prices doubled during Obama Presidency

Posted by Thomas Gordon on February 15, 2012


Barack Obama has hit the campaign trail telling Americans that the $40 social security payroll contribution suspension per paycheck will help the average family and boost the economy, yet that money won’t even begin to cover the surge in gas prices hitting a pump near you and will have to be nearly doubled if summer predictions of $5 gasoline come true.

Americans pay an average of $1,010 more a year for gas than they did on President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day back in January 2009. The suspension in social security payroll contributions, which Americans already receive, is a maximum of $1,000. That means the suspension which Congress has agreed to extend, falls $10 short of paying the average American families gas bill even before they hit the grocery store.

Here’s the break down. When Barack Obama came into office, gas averaged about $1.84. Americans drive an average of 13,476 miles a year. And the current average American mpg is 22.4 gallons. That means drivers buy an average of 601 gallons of gas a year. Today, a gallon of regular averages $3.52, a three year difference of $1.68, meaning Americans are paying $1,010 more a year than in January 2009.

The average working family simply can’t afford four more years of Barack Obama.

13 Responses to “Gas prices doubled during Obama Presidency”

  1. Google it said

    Can’t you at least link to your sources?

  2. thomasagordon said

    My bad.

    Word Press isn’t allowing me to place links right into my posts as of right now.

    Gas Prices when Obama sworn in link-http://news.consumerreports.org/cars/2009/01/average-gas-pricesjanuary-26-2009.html

    Average annual miles driven by Americans link-http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/ohim/onh00/bar8.htm

    Any other questions?

  3. Gas prices have not doubled during the Obama presidency; they were closing in on $5.00 during the second term of the Bush administration.

    I’m paying $4.07 now and there’s no way I was paying $2.035 a gallon in January 2009.

    • Thomas Anthony Gordon said

      According to Consumer Reports, which tracks gas prices and I’m sure you’d agree has no dog in the fight, it was 1.84 a gallon for regular on Jan 26, 2009. That’s averaged nationwide.

      Regionally, in California, regular averaged 2.10 a gallon on the same date.


      • In any case how can the rise in gas prices be attributed to Obama rather than the greedy oil corporations who have posted record profits while creating false gas shortages by shuttering refineries?

        • The New York Times reported Healthcare tripled since 2001; Healthcare Reform was passed in part to try to keep skyrocketing costs down. Perhaps taxpayers should stop subsidizing wildly profitable oil companies.

        • Jojo said

          I woendr what kind of mileage the presidential limo gets? Sumit, you can’t carry a kayak, a dozen two-by-fours, and a half ton of deer corn on a light rail train.

    • renee said

      ya but they have been up and stayed up look at the history when bush was in until now!!!!!!! what about all the medicare cuts,or cuts for grant or the higher interest rate on student loans ya do the research obmas needs to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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