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Dana Point Takes 1st Step to Ban Plastic Bags! Nanny Government Goes Small Town!

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on February 7, 2012

Tonight, by a 4 to 1 vote, the Dana Point City Council voted to implement a plastic bag ban. Of the four Republicans on the council, only Bill Brough voted no on this latest “Green” initiative that is an indirect tax on the citizens via the higher cost of purchasing from retail stores in and around Dana Point. From Lara Anderson, who always wears with pride her endorsements from the Sierra Club, I did not expect a no vote. She is a consistent RINO.

But is was very disappointing to see Lisa Bartlett and Scott Schoeffel vote yes on this extension of big government in our city. But then again they have both voted yes consistently for the Dana Point Hotel Tax so I should not be surprised. They were both endorsed for election (Lisa in 2010 and Scott in 2008) by the conservative South Orange County Republican Assembly. I doubt they will find that group as supportive the next time around with votes like these!

2 Responses to “Dana Point Takes 1st Step to Ban Plastic Bags! Nanny Government Goes Small Town!”

  1. I’m no plastic bag fan and prefer paper. That’s why I shop at certain stores that still offer that luxury. But, I see no reason to enact these kinds of ordinances. If the plastic bags are such a nuisance, then why not just require them to be biodegradable? Most of them are so flimsy now they fall apart in your hand.

    So, now, everyone will be bringing their reusable sacks to the grocery store to be filled. How many of those folks do you think will wash their bags, even occasionally?

  2. […] Councilman Carlos Olvera was not on the council when the plastic bag ban vote was taken).  See Dana Point City Council votes for Plastic Bag Ban.  Bill is still against the plastic bag ban partially due to there being no proof that the ban has […]

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