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Good Riddance RDAs

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 1, 2012

Effective this morning, RDAs went away in California as a result of a recent vote in the Legislature. Orange County Assemblyman Chris Norby really spearheaded this issue, and it ended up passing. With that being said, I find it surprising that so many Republicans in local offices and even up in Sacramento were opposed to abolishing RDAs.

The argument could easily be made that RDAs are local, and by abolishing them, it is promoting less local control and more money going to Sacramento. Based on eminent domain abuses and the amount of money that is wasted, I think that Republicans should have been more strongly in favor of abolishing them due to the fact that it involved shrinking government.

One Response to “Good Riddance RDAs”

  1. thomasagordon said

    It’s dying a slow death. Senate bill 654 slipped by quietly. Let’s keep our eyes open.

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