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Public Safety Slate Mailer Controversy

Posted by Chris Emami on June 1, 2012

Ironically enough I was intending to post this slate mailer over the weekend, but due to a press release just issued by the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this.

In my mailbox this week I received the California Public Safety Voter Guide. It was another well done slate from Landslide Communications and Jim Lacy. It appears that the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association is not that thrilled to see the use of a firefighter on the front of the piece.

Here is the slate mailer:

The following is the press release just issued by the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association:

The Orange County Professional Firefighters Association has become aware of a slate mailer titled the California Public Safety Newsletter and Voter Guide (see attached). The mailer features a prominent image of a firefighter engaged in firefighting operations. As the largest public safety firefighting organization in Orange County, the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association was surprised by the depiction of firefighters on the mailer alongside prominent conservative candidates who have previously opposed organizations representing the men and women who serve in fire and emergency services. Our organization is hopeful this mailer signals the end of vitriolic attacks on firefighters and other public safety employees, and we are pleased to accept the support of prominent conservative individuals such as former CRP Executive Committee member Jon Fleischman and current State Assemblymember Allan Mansoor. We look forward to the support of such prominent individuals within the conservative movement as the union representing the 950 men and women protecting 24 cities with a population of 1.7 million citizens. As the County of Orange enters what could potentially be a difficult fire season, the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association would like to confirm that conservatives such as Mr. Fleischman and others supported by the California Public Safety Newsletter and Voter Guide will, in the future, support public safety issues relating to fire protection, including:

1. Support funding to keep current staffing levels at John Wayne Airport, as well as the OCFA Handcrew Program that is slated to be curtailed at the end of current calendar year.

2. Support the 36 firefighter positions that were recommended but never adopted by the OCFA’s After Action report after the devastating firestorms of 2007 and 2008.

The Orange County Professional Firefighters Association is an issue based organization that enthusiastically accepts support from individuals regardless of their political affiliation. We are hopeful this mailer signals real support among conservatives in Orange County – and not just political posturing — and that we will be able to count on them to help advance our goals of improving the public safety of all Orange County citizens.



2 Responses to “Public Safety Slate Mailer Controversy”

  1. I think it is a stretch to suggest Jon Fleischman is a prominent “conservative” individual. :-) The labor union doesn’t realize that Fleischman is supporting RINOs like Rep. John Campbell.

  2. [...] ballots in tomorrow’s primary election. Adorned with pictures ranging from John F. Kennedy to Orange Country firefighters, the mailers urge Californians to vote a certain way on set of candidates and/or issues. Many [...]

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