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Special-Interest Spitzer Spends $301,247 or $5.84 Per Vote; Pauly Spends $20,034 or $0.86 Per Vote

Posted by The Rock of OC on June 12, 2012

Nguyen and Emami granted HBK one last post about the Third Supervisorial District but they also granted me one last post about the race between Deborah Pauly and Todd Spitzer.

Half-Term Career Politician Spitzer didn’t even wait for election night to end before “He also confirmed that he plans to run for Orange County district attorney if the office is open in 2014.” http://www.ocregister.com/news/pauly-357524-spitzer-county.html

The great columnist, Steven Greenhut, called Spitzer out on it: http://www.calwatchdog.com/2012/06/06/spitzer-already-disses-his-voters/

Special-Interest Spitzer spent $301,247 to get 51,607 votes, which equals $5.84 per vote.

Pauly spent $20,034 to get 23,305 votes, which equals $0.86 per vote.

If Pauly had spent $301,247, her $0.86 per vote rate would have produced more than 350,000 votes.

If Spitzer had spent $20,034, his $5.84 per vote rate would have produced just 3,400 votes.


It’s clear the Third Supervisorial District race was another example of big money from unions beating the people.

However, it’s only a matter of time before the people rise up and fight back.  The people of Wisconsin have already risen up.  When will the people of California?

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Special-Interest Spitzer Uses $17,000 in Union Money to Attack Pauly

Posted by The Rock of OC on June 1, 2012

The Chrises told me to back off of the Third Supervisorial District, and they’d get HBK to back off.  Since HBK broke that agreement, I’m coming back in.

Before Chuck DeVore left the Supervisor’s race, leaving Deborah Pauly to fill the conservative void, DeVore produced this commercial revealing Todd Spitzer’s $54,000 in union money from the AFL-CIO, Teamsters, and CTA.  Special-Interest Spitzer put all that union money in Spitzer for Central Committee.

Spitzer then used the $17,000 from Spitzer for Central Committee to create a hit piece attacking Pauly and her husband.  It’s clear Spitzer used union money to attack Pauly.

Here’s the video from DeVore revealing Spitzer’s $54,000 in union money.  The “slush fund” DeVore referenced is Spitzer for Central Committee.

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David Overtaking Goliath: Pauly Raises More Than Double the Money Spitzer Raised in 2012

Posted by The Rock of OC on April 11, 2012

You read that headline right: Deborah Pauly raised more money than the vaunted Todd Spitzer money machine in 2012.  Not just more, but more than double.

According to the latest campaign finance reports, Spitzer raised $3,100 while Pauly raised $7,578.  That’s right: David raised more than double what Goliath did.

This is a clear sign that the momentum is shifting toward Deborah Pauly.  True conservatives are holding their money back from special-interest Spitzer.  Pauly’s gain in momentum is clearly causing union-supporter Spitzer’s money to dry up.

The donors are beginning to realize that the people don’t want bought and paid career politicians who do the bidding of their masters.   They are tired of Orange County being pillaged by the special interests that suck at the public teat.

The people’s eyes are open, and the donors realize it.

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Good Ole Boys Pervert Conservativism

Posted by The Rock of OC on March 27, 2012

In a shocking defeat for real conservatives, the good ole boys seized the endorsement of the CRA for their big-government retread, Todd Spitzer.

Hope for conservatives got a bit bleaker as the special interests gained control of the group that is supposed to be the conscience of the Republican Party.  In the Board of Supervisors race, Deborah Pauly is the only proven limited government, fiscal conservative who will represent the people, but in a perversion of Republican ideals, the CRA endorsed career politician Spitzer, who is in bed with the unions.

In this David and Goliath battle, Pauly is the true conservative and special-interest Spitzer is the candidate of the unions.  He is a RINO and backed costly pension deals when he was previously a Supervisor.  He will not cut the size of local government or reform pensions because he’s one of the guys who caused Orange County’s three-billion-dollar unfunded pension liabilities!

Special-interest Spitzer is slick and polished.  He’s a very connected career politician who’s part of the good ole boys who run Orange County.

The time is ripe to save Orange Coutny from the career politicians who are bought and paid for to do the bidding of their masters who cram their campaign bank accounts with tens of thousands of special interest dollars.

The CRA missed its chance, but the people know the truth.  They will not allow Orange County to be raped by the special interests gorging at the public trough.

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