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Lassie’s “Everybody Does It” Defense Of Kring Misses Point

Posted by OC Insider on October 12, 2012

With respect, my blog colleague Lassie’s post, while informative, misses the point. It doesn’t matter that unions give money to all major Anaheim City Council candidates, because only candidates endorsed by the Republican Party of Orange County are required to refuse contributions from public employee unions.

In Anaheim, the two endorsed candidates are Lucille Kring and Brian Chuchua. Both of them have taken money from government unions.

So it is beside the point that Jordan Brandman, a Democrat, has taken a lot of union money. It’s beside the point that most of the campaign contributions to John Leos, the other member of Mayor Tom Tait’s “reform team,” are from government unions. Leos has long been active in his union, the Orange County Employees Association, so it isn’t surprising that government unions are his fundraising base.

Steve Lodge did accept contributions from the police union. But unlike Kring, he is not endorsed by the OC GOP (he dropped out of the endorsement process mid-way through).

However, unlike Kring, Lodge has returned his union contributions.

The fact remains that Lucille Kring was took money from the Anaheim police union and was lobbying for the union’s endorsement, at the same time that she was working to get the endorsement of the OC Republican Party. During the OC GOP endorsement process, Kring failed to tell the Central Committee about her wooing of the Anaheim police union or taking its money. As others have pointed out, the whole point of the party’s “Union Free” pledge is to force candidates to choose between the OC GOP and the public employee unions. Kring tried to have it both ways. There’s no denying that.

Kring, speaking through left-wing blogger Vern Nelson, explained that she’s been meaning to get around to returning the police union donation for the last four months, but didn’t because her husband was travelling a lot. That excuse is hard to believe. During that same time period, Lucille Kring found time to pay herself back the $50,000 loan she made to her campaign, and then to loan herself another $50,000, but we’re supposed to believe there wasn’t time to return a $500 check?

Lassie’s argument comes down to saying everyone take’s union money, but Lucille didn’t take as much public employee union money as the others, and so that makes her independent. That’s not much of a case, and it’s beside the point.

3 Responses to “Lassie’s “Everybody Does It” Defense Of Kring Misses Point”

  1. Greg Diamond said

    Is what you’re saying that once she returns the $500 check she’s entirely in the clear so far as you’re concerned?

    If so, I think you need to write about it another couple dozen times. It’s THAT BIG!

    • Greg needs help said

      And this coming from a guy who thinks his little hissy-fit with R. Scott Moxley is big news. You are one lawyer with a LOT of time on his hands. You should find a Bloggers Anonymous meeting.

      • Greg Diamond said

        Awwwww … why are people too cowardly to write under their own name so gosh-darn mean to me?

        For the record: (1) I stopped taking new cases to free up time before the election; I’ll start taking them again afterwards. (2) I never said that the Moxley thing was “big news”; you’re making that up. I just chose to defend myself for reasons including to show that it can be done. (3) If you’ll note, only one of us here is anonymous! I blog (and comment) for. I expect, the same reason that the Chrises here do.

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