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Travis Allen: Too Squishy for the Assembly

Posted by OC Insider on July 23, 2012

Travis Allen’s contributions to Democrats are well-documented, as reported by Jon Fleischman at the Flash ReportRoxana Kopetman at the OC Register, and even Art Pedroza at OC Politics Blog.

Allen’s explanation to Kopetman is that he has “some friends on the other side of the aisle and a family member on the other side of the aisle” who twisted his arm into going to fundraisers for Democrats.  The family member he references is his uncle, Frank Barbaro, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Orange County.  Barbaro told the OC Register’s Frank Mickadeit that he convinced Allen to make donations to Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown.

The question Republicans voters should be asking is, “If Travis Allen’s arm can be twisted to donate money to liberal Democrats, can his arm be twisted to vote for tax increases, higher spending, more business regulations, anti-gun laws, pro-illegal immigration policies, and high-speed rail?”

If his friends and uncle tell him to vote for liberal policies, will he fold like he has before?

In case anyone forgot, here’s the list of Allen’s donations to Democrats:

If Travis Allen can be persuaded to give thousands of his own dollars to Democrats, will it be that hard for him to give away taxpayer dollars to liberal spending programs?

5 Responses to “Travis Allen: Too Squishy for the Assembly”

  1. Troy Edgar Watch said

    The funny part about this post is that Troy Edgar already supports all the things that the author is saying Allen might be arm twisted into supporting.

    Higher Taxes – Voted for new taxes over 12 times. Now, supports a massive tax hike in Los Alamitos.
    High Speed Rail – Lobbied for high speed rail
    Higher Spending – Gave a Trash Contract to his buddies that was millions more than the lowest responsible bid.

    You might not be sure where Travis stands on everything, but he is sure better than Troy Edgar. This November Stop Taxing Troy Edgar

  2. Fahrenheit 451 said

    OCI, you fail to mention that until about ’06 Troy Edgar WAS A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT.

  3. met00 said

    LMAO, recycled old news (just like Fahrenheit451’s comment).

    As a Democrat I am far from happy with my options. I have a choice of two Republicans. So, wearing my Democrat hat I have to ask, which one is more “honest”. In other words, which one will actually attempt to do what he says. The last thing I want is to be sandbagged.

    Since I know Edgar, I actually sought out Allen and spoke to him. That we disagree on major issues, from taxes to immigration, shouldn’t surprise anyone. But what interested me was not his positions, but the questions he actually asked me.

    Here is an example. Travis asked me what I thought of the OCTA and the widening of the 405. This was refreshing. Rather than express his opinions, he actually wanted to hear mine. As I expressed my opinions and concerns he continued to question me to see what specific issues had made me take my position.

    Now I have been dealing with Edgar for almost six years in Los Al. When I have expressed an opinion I was belittled by Edgar if it didn’t match his. I was never asked “how did you arrive at…”

    I may not agree with Travis on a whole host of issues. I know I don’t agree with Edgar on a whole host of issues. So it is not about agreeing or disagreeing with the candidate on the issues. It is not about the fact that Travis may have given to (D)’s, or that Troy switched from (D) to (R). What it comes down to me is the honesty and integrity of the candidates. Which actually wants to know and understand where the differences are in order to find potential bridges across a divide verses someone who doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and what he thinks is important.

    While a majority of this assembly district in (R), that doesn’t mean that the minority should be shut out of the conversation any more than the minority (R)’s should be shut out of the conversation in Loretta Sanchez’s district. Just because someone is a (D) or an (R) doesn’t mean that they aren’t a thinking person who may actually have a good idea. Good ideas come from many places, and are not specific to one political party or another. The same can be said for “very bad ideas”. But it all begins when you have a person who wants to have open and frank discussions where they are interested in finding ideas that work, not just promoting their agenda.

    Yes, I want to vote for a (D). There is none. And while a very big part of me wants Edgar to win so he will finally be out of my city, my better nature is coming to the conclusion that like Doris Allen before him, Travis Allen may actually be the better choice for all the people of the AD. There are many of the GOP that still love to loath Doris, but as for representing the interests of her constituents, she was very good at doing that. She generally put People before Party, and while that cost her quite a lot in the end, she was good at representing all of the people she was elected to represent.

    I have no idea if Travis will put People before Party. I know that Joe would have, and I really think that Travis may. I do know with Troy it will always be Troy before People or Party. So, let’s stop throwing the old accusations around with a fresh coat of paint on them (the original article and 451’s response) and if we are going to talk about the race in this AD, let’s talk about it in terms of the quality of the candidates, what they prioritize and how they function. Let’s talk about the issues and concerns of the community they are going to represent, not in terms of party, but in terms of how they feel to best deal with the issues that concern us, and let’s see which candidate is willing to put the interests of the People first.

  4. Cleared for Takeoff said

    @Met00: Old news doesn’t make it invalid or lacking in value. Reinforcement of known facts is key to getting the message across that Troy Edgar lived on the dark side for many years. But when he saw the opportunity to betray whatever values he might have had and change parties, he made the move.

    He also realized he couldn’t win the Congressional race he’d foolishly entered against smarter, more experienced competition. Rumor has it he was coerced into leaving it in trade for high-level GOP endorsements from party dinosaurs like Rohrabacher and Royce to run in an unraveling Assembly race. In fact, Rohrabacher’s wife is said to be virtually running his campaign BUT WE HOPE NOT WITH ROHRABACHER CAMPAIGN FUNDS to which I, for one, have contributed more than once.

    Dana’s been collecting campaign funds for years, and it’s reasonable to ask where and how that money is used as he’s obviously planted in a “safe” District that needs no campaigning. It’s his job for life, even in Democrat California and under a Democrat administration, so what’s all that money doing?

    Rhonda Rohrabacher is well known for her technical interests in using Internet-based tools and smartphone technology for political campaigning. She’s been accused of taking a salary out of Dana’s campaign funds and, to my knowledge, that’s never been denied.

    Edgar needs to be challenged as to where his funding’s coming from and the kind of support he’s getting. If he’s getting help from the OC GOP that he’s not entitled to, he needs to be called on that and be transparent as to its source.

  5. Cleared for Takeoff said

    There’s plenty of G2 on Troy Edgar’s campaign overseers from R. Scott Moxley and others at the OC Weekly:





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