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Tyler Diep Did a Bad, Bad Thing

Posted by Lassie on February 6, 2012

My name is “Lassie,” and I am a local elected official, which is why I need a pseudonym to protect my identity. You can expect my posts to blow the whistle on elected officials and candidates who are up to no good. My detective work sniffing out the truth will be applauded by some and hated by others.

Today, Tyler “Triple” Diep is the focus of my investigation into what appears to be a very disturbing trend for a Republican. We refer to him as “Triple” because according to his Westminster City Council biography, he currently collects a salary as an employee at the Board of Equalization in the office of Michelle Steel, an elected member of the Midway City Sanitary District, and a Westminster City Council Member.

This article is not set to focus on his triple dipping but instead some of his questionable decision-making in campaign finance.

The Vietnamese American Leadership aka VAL PAC is a local PAC that is apparently controlled by Tyler Diep, considering his phone number is the one listed on the PAC. This is the same phone number he uses on his Midway City Sanitary District Board of Directors profile. There is nothing illegal about this, but the donations that this PAC made are questionable for a supposedly conservative Republican. Consider the following donations, which comprise of 69% of the VAL PAC’s contributions to candidates (once you exclude the money donated to Tyler Diep):

Democrat – Miguel Pulido $1,000
Democrat – Vince Sarmiento $750
Democrat – Michele Martinez $250
Democrat – John Tran $250

Aside from that PAC, consider these donations to Diep’s Assembly committee, which are pretty questionable for a Republican:

Union – Westminster POA $3,000
Union – Orange County Professional Firefighters $1,500
Union – Orange County Deputy Sherriffs $250
Union – California Asian Peace Officers $500
Democrat Committee – Andrew Nguyen for School Board $500

The third part to this story is the fact that Diep failed to report the Vietnamese American Leadership PAC in the “Related Committees” section of his campaign finance filings for Assembly, his campaign finance filings for City Council, and his campaign finance filings for Sanitary District.

The “Related Committees” section appears on page 2 of each of these forms and has this description from the FPPC: “Related Committees Not Included in this Statement: List any committees not included in this statement that are controlled by you or are primarily formed to receive contributions or to make expenditures on behalf of your candidacy.” (I added the bolding.)  The Assembly, City Council, and Sanitary District committees are mentioned on all three filings, but none of the three mention the Vietnamese American PAC.

16 Responses to “Tyler Diep Did a Bad, Bad Thing”

  1. There is no bigger union sell-out than Harper’s old boss, Janet Nguyen. Diep on the other hand may have accepted some donations but it has not affected his voting, as a Westminster Council Member. He is legitimately conservative.

    Diep is getting that support because of his influence in the Vietnamese community – and I guarantee you that Harper hit all of those organizations up for money too.

    As for this PAC, it is obvious Diep is sharing office space with them. That doesn’t mean he is controlling them. What a stretch!

    You want to talk about doing a bad thing? What about Harper’s DUI? He was on the School Board at the time. Talk about setting a bad example!

  2. Also he is receiving 3 different medical plans and 3 different pension plans. So we have a triple dipper here. He also received money from the investigators union.

  3. OC Insider said

    Thanks, Matt Harper!

  4. Timmy’s in the well….

  5. File this post under “Oh No You Didn’t.”

  6. Yeah Art Pedroza what a legitimate source of intel. How is Nguyen a sell out to unions. Harper didn’t hit any of those organizations for money. Also if ur so so smart then you would know diep is dropping out and Troy Edgar is getting in.

  7. How did she sell out? Are you kidding? The OCEA paid for her recount and she has been sucking up to them ever since. What a joke.

    And you know for a fact that Harper didn’t beg these folks for money? Hard to believe.

    Why would Diep drop out? He has raised more than anyone. He is going to tattoo Harper.

  8. Look at her financial filings. She paid Greer and do a lot of money.

  9. Picasso said

    “My name is “Lassie,” and I am a local elected official, which is why I need a pseudonym to protect my identity.”

    Protect what? You’re a wuss. Elected officials should have enough nerve to speak their mind openly, use a phony name to other officials, who don’t have a chance to return the favor. How are we supposed to know whether “Lassie” isn’t pulling scams?

    Big thumbs down on this.

  10. Picasso said

    The comment above should have read: “Elected officials should have enough nerve to speak their mind openly, NOT use a phony name to rat out other officials, who don’t have a chance to return the favor.

  11. […] Westminster Councilmember Tyler Diep withdrew from the race. Share this:EmailPrintFacebookTwitterLinkedInLike this:LikeBe the first to […]

  12. Lassie's Friend said

    Oh bejeezers if you can’t figure out who “Lassie” is then you have no deductive reasoning. I won’t blow “Lassie’s” cover though. I think it’s a hoot that Diep is getting found out FINALLY for what he really is.

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