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AD-55 Watch: Diamond Bar Councilman Tye Enters and Fee-Tax Position Haunts

Posted by Allen Wilson on January 24, 2014


Diamond Bar Councilman Steve Tye has thrown his hat in the ring as a GOP Candidate for State Assembly in the 55th Assembly District.

Mr. Tye was first elected to the Diamond Bar City Council in November 2005 after losing in a bitter June 2005 Special Election contest to Jack Tanaka for a seat that was vacant due to Bob Huff elevation to the State Assembly in 2004.  Mr. Tye has been re-elected in 2009 and as recently in 2013.

On June 25, 2013, OC Political article entitled “55th AD Watch:  Another Candidate Dual Run?” inquired at the time whether Councilman Tye was flirting a run for two offices:  City Council and State Assembly.

Those inquiries are now put to a rest with confirmation that Mr. Tye is indeed an Assembly candidate.

However, Mr. Tye position on taxes and fees may not sit well with Conservative voters in the GOP safe Assembly District, especially in North Orange County portion of the 55th Assembly District.

On September 21, 2010, the Diamond Bar City Council unanimously approved an increase of user fees for Community Services, Public Works and Community Development Departments to be phased in the next three years tied with CPI (Consumer Price Index) beginning on July 1, 2010.

Diamond Bar City Manager James DeStefano submitted the 40 page report to the council for approval.

This contributor spoke to the Diamond Bar City Council on September 21, 2010 with a reminder that an increase of user fees are misguided in an unstable economy and that such user fees are taxes which comes out of someone’s pocket one way or the other.

Councilmember Tye was adamant with a defensive tone, according to September 21, 2010 Council Minutes, by stating:

“…this is not a tax but a user fee.”

“…was a proponent for adding a fee for licensing a cat.”

“…it is appropriate if it costs $100 to issue a permit to have a water heater install in his home that he should pay the $100.”

“…likes the idea of someone plans to add to his home he pays the fees for it.”

When the City gets closer to recovering those user fees, it will be better for all of the citizens of Diamond Bar.”

The Orange County Register Editorial on September 21, 2010 clarifies during the debate over Proposition 26 proposal to close loopholes regarding fees and the two-thirds vote requirement for approval by the state legislature:  “Calling fees what they are:  Taxes“.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has been vigorously fighting over the Fire Fee (Tax) that was approved in 2011 along party lines with Democrats support and Republicans opposed in the state legisature and signed into law by Governor Brown.

The $150 Fire Fee (Tax) for Fiscal Years 2011-12 AND 2012-2013 has effected hundreds and thousands of properties under the CalFire’s jurisdiction known as the State Responsibility Area.

So, Mr. Tye says “a fee is not a tax” may not have read the Orange County Register article, has a lack of understanding of why HJTA is fighting a fire fee that is a tax and surely has a lot of explaining to the voters in the 55th Assembly District whom loathe fees AND taxes.

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Taxin’ Troy Edgar Caught Supporting another Tax

Posted by OC Insider on August 7, 2012

Troy Edgar got dubbed “Taxin’ Troy” because of his record of raising taxes and fees on his City Council. But the more we dig, the more we find that his record of tax and fee increases stretches well beyond just the City Council. Like so many people in local office, Troy Edgar loves serving in regional government. He’s served on most every Board, receiving most every stipend along the way, in Orange County. And he’s raised taxes and fees on most of them.

For those new to the party, here is a quick refresher on Troy Edgar’s taxin’ past.

1.      Troy Edgar rejected the No New Tax Pledge.

2.      Troy Edgar has voted for over a dozen new taxes and fees.

3.      He is pushing for a massive utility tax increase in Los Alamitos. See Here and Here  (The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association called it a “massive tax increase”, when Vallejo tried to do the same thing.)

Now new evidence shows Troy Edgar supporting even more tax expansions.  In this case, Troy Edgar’s membership on the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy (RMC) is the culprit.

From looking at the meeting minutes, Edgar mostly shows up, votes yes on everything, collects his per diem, and calls it a day.

And by voting yes on everything, I mean everything. In May of 2010 for example, Edgar decided it was a great idea to support a resolution advocating for passage of AB 2554 (Brownley 2010).  What is AB 2554 about?

AB 2554 conferred additional fee raising authority upon the LA Flood Control District.  Basically, it made it much easier for the district to raise fees on tax paying homeowners within its boundaries.

Who opposed this massive tax increase?

As you would expect, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) was opposed to the bill. In its opposition letter HJTA states,“Considering that Los Angeles County has a $2.4 billion General Fund budget and record $1 trillion on IRS property tax roll, there is plenty of money to go around.  We simply do not see the need to authorize a new method to exact more money from the California taxpayer.”

In addition to HJTA, every Republican member of the legislature voted against it

Voting NO from the Orange County delegation:

Senate: Harman, Wyland, Correa (Yes, even OC Democratic Senator Lou Correa opposed the bill (Huff and Walters, ABS)

Assembly: DeVore, Hagman, Harkey, Miller, Norby, Silva, Tran

Again, Troy Edgar stands alone in supporting yet another massive tax expansion. With the Republicans’ Legislative Caucuses teetering on falling beneath the 2/3 threshold, sending Troy Edgar to Sacramento is a risk we just can’t afford. He’s just lived up to his name of “Taxin’ Troy” too many times.

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Third Supervisorial District: Todd Spitzer in the Mail

Posted by Chris Nguyen on May 9, 2012

Excluding the Anaheim TOT mail (which has nothing to do with the June election), I received my fifth mailer of the primary election cycle yesterday.  The first mailer was from Congressman Ed Royce’s campaign on April 4,  the second one was from Todd Spitzer’s campaign for the Third Supervisorial District on April 19, the third one was another Royce piece on April 28, the fourth one was another Spitzer piece on May 1.  This mailer is the third I’ve received from Spitzer’s campaign, and the fifth I’ve received from any campaign this cycle.

This piece is obviously geared toward Republican voters.

The side with the address label has the two-star Republican elephant along with a large font highlighting Spitzer’s “Local Elected Official of the Year” award 12 years ago from the OCGOP.  It also has a picture of Spitzer with OCGOP Chairman Scott Baugh.  “Todd Spitzer” is the largest font on the page, is part of his campaign logo, and is repeated again in the caption under the picture with Baugh, thereby repeating his name thrice as a way to reinforce name ID even among voters who won’t flip the piece over to read the other side (I guess technically it’s four times since the paid for by message has his name, but that’s in the fine print).

The other side of the piece emphasizes conservative Republican values.  It includes a big CRA logo (with the official three-star Republican elephant) highlighting Spitzer’s CRA endorsement, including a quote from CRA Vice President (and OC Political blogger) Craig Alexander.  The piece also includes bullet points listing Republican stances on taxes, pensions, and crime, along with Spitzer’s membership on the Republican Central Committee and “A” rating from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.  This side of the piece also repeats Spitzer’s name in large type thrice, again reinforcing name ID even among voters who won’t read the piece and who received the piece in the mail with the address/postage side face down.

A subtle touch is the photo which has a clearly visible North Orange County Conservative Coalition logo on the banner behind Spitzer at the speech he was giving.  A casual reader might not notice the logo.  It does, however, catch the eye of anyone who recognizes the logo.

This is the first mailer from any campaign in quite a while that doesn’t include the needless logos that I admonished campaigns about in this post.

This is the first Spitzer mailer I’ve received that isn’t a four-pager that opens up.  This is a two-sided 8.5″ x 11″ piece.

2012-05-08 Todd Spitzer Mailer

Click on the picture to view a larger version.

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Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC Endorses Deborah Pauly

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on May 6, 2012

This came over the wire from the Deborah Pauly for Supervisor campaign…

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Endorses Deborah Pauly for Supervisor

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