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Kelly Hubbard Makes False, Irresponsible Accusations Against Assemblyman Allan Mansoor

Posted by Walter Myers III on March 22, 2014

It has been a while since I posted, and my plan is to step things up during this election season. It is imperative that I let everyone know about the irresponsible and shameless hit job Tea Party member Kelly Hubbard has done on Assemblyman Allan Mansoor, which you can find here. Hubbard, in his support of Michelle Steele against Mansoor for the OC Board of Supervisors Second District race, capriciously charges Mansoor with racism at a recent Town Hall for actions that Hubbard calls “shameless and despicable” against one of Mansoor’s own constituents. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and for those of you who know Mansoor, you know he is a man of honor and integrity who has faithfully served his constituencies since his City Council days in Costa Mesa. The real story is that a woman asked Mansoor’s staffer Jose Martinez if he was an illegal immigrant, to which he replied in the negative. The woman didn’t stop there but then accused Martinez’s parents of being here illegally. Given this, you can see that Mansoor was simply defending his staff member from a baseless and bigoted attack, and rightfully so (which you can see in the video below). As many of you know, Mansoor is particularly sensitive to racism as a person of mixed ancestry. Mansoor would not hire an illegal immigrant, and just because he has shown compassion in the handling of illegal immigrants that are already here does not mean he would also knowingly break the law. He is a former law man, after all. And if there were any racism involved, it was the person who accosted Martinez about his immigration status, which is none of her business unless she had substantial proof he was here illegally. The burden of proof would be on her, not Martinez.

I believe the genesis of Hubbard’s ire against Mansoor is the fact that Mansoor was one of fifteen California Republican legislators to sign a letter, promoted by the Western Growers Association (WGA), to the CA California Congressional Delegation in support of comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. Mansoor has publicly stated, and confirmed with me yesterday, that he regrets signing the letter and that he does not believe illegal immigrants should be able to gain a pathway to citizenship as a part of any immigration reform legislation. What Mansoor actually supports is the Lincoln Club immigration proposal (which you can find here) that calls for a path to legal status for existing illegal immigrants, but only after the border has been effectively secured and a properly functioning guest worker program has been constructed to prevent us from revisiting the same problem again in the future. The Lincoln Club immigration proposal intentionally does not address citizenship because its goal is to simply provide a realistic and compassionate resolution to the problem of illegal immigration.

I hope that you will stand with me in supporting Mansoor against these wanton and reckless allegations by Kelly Hubbard. I am a strong Tea Party advocate, but Hubbard is one of the people that gives the Tea Party the bad name that it does not deserve as a whole. Hubbard owes Mansoor an apology immediately.

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Westminster Vietnamese Black April Event Commemorating Fall of Saigon

Posted by Walter Myers III on April 29, 2012

April 30, 1975 marks the Fall of Saigon and South Vietnam into the hands of the North Vietnamese communists, and also marks the end of the Vietnam War. For the past 37 years local Vietnamese citizens, many of whom escaped Saigon by boat, have commemorated this solemn event. Over the years, fellow Americans and veterans of the Vietnam War have joined with them. It was no different on Saturday at the Vietnam War Memorial in Westminster, dedicated in 2003, where hundreds of people came out to remember that fateful day and celebrate freedom here in America. The program consisted of a beautiful display by the color guard, traditional music, inspirational community leader speeches, and a time of incense burning and prayer. Elected leaders also had the opportunity to each speak for a short time to to the crowd, including Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, State Senator Lou Correa, Assemblyman Jose Solorio, and Villa Park City Councilwoman Deborah Pauly.

The Republican Party was well-represented at the event by the American Dream Outreach Committee, which I chair, with committee members Cuong Cao, Chandra Chell, Charles Hart, Gina McNelley, Emily Sanford and myself in attendance. Our committee leader for this event was Cuong Cao, who heads up Vietnamese outreach for the committee. Cuong organized our efforts and guided us through our participation in the two programs on Saturday and Sunday. The party presented a wreath at the event on Saturday, as seen in the picture above. A certificate of commemoration was presented on behalf of the party by the Honorable Deborah Pauly and committee member Craig Alexander at the Sunday event, which was also attended by Cuong Cao and Emily Sanford. It was truly an honor for us to be involved, and we look forward to having an ongoing presence at future Black April commemoation events.

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OC City Council Members Display Courage in Ending Outsized Benefits

Posted by Walter Myers III on March 30, 2012

If you don’t know about the the stand some Orange County city council members in various cities are taking against abuse of your tax dollars, then you will be happy to read a great article on Rancho Santa Margarita City Councilman Jesse Petrilla in the OC Register, which you can find at http://www.ocregister.com/news/petrilla-346622-benefits-council.html. Councilman Petrilla is demonstrating great courage in bringing the issue of outsized City Council benefits to the forefront. Few of us mind that City Council members get a reasonable monthly stipend for their service to their respective cities. It can often be long, hard, and thankless hours of work for those truly committed, so they deserve a token of appreciation from the taxpayers whom they serve. However, many City Councils across Orange County have taken advantage of taxpayers by voting themselves benefits that are only appropriate for full-time employees, particularly health benefits.

In my own city of Tustin, City Council members receive full healthcare benefits, which is perverse in my view because such a benefit can entice people to run for the wrong reasons. Yet Rancho Santa Margarita is particularly egregious, since benefits in excess of $65,000 not used during a term served can be placed in a retirement fund to be used later. This should have us all outraged, so kudos to Petrilla and also Mayor pro tem Steve Baric  for standing against such madness that would greatly benefit them financially. The purpose of being on City Council is to serve and to give back to the community, not to benefit financially. Both Petrilla and Baric  have voluntarily opted out of receiving all benefits, and are proposing that the entire City Council vote to officially end them, following the lead of the Orange City Council. The Orange City Council voted to permanently end stipends, healthcare benefits, and retirement benefits late last year. They are to be applauded for their courage as a council, and I would extend this as well to Councilmen Petrilla and Baric. Tustin would do well to do the same, and I hear there are rumblings this may happen.

On Wednesday, the Rancho Santa Margarita voted 3-2 to postpone action on ending council benefits (not exactly unexpected), so we will continue to watch this story as it develops and report back soon.

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Mexican Presidential Candidate Josefina Vazquez Mota Visits the OC

Posted by Walter Myers III on March 11, 2012

Mexico Presidential 2012 Candidate  Josefina-Vazquez-MotaIt was a real honor to attend a reception in Santa Ana on Saturday night for Mexican presidential candidate Josefina Vazquez Mota hosted by the Hispanic 100, which is led by local businessman and political strategist Mario Rodriguez. A number of local dignitaries and Hispanic leaders were in attendance, all looking to get a glimpse of this bold,beautiful, and accomplished lady and to hear her speak about the hopes and dreams of the Mexican people. When Josefina spoke, you could hear and feel her passion and love for Mexico. She spoke glowingly of her admiration for and special friendship with Rosario Marin, who is a member of the Hispanic 100 and also former Treasurer of the United States under President George Bush from August 2001 to June 2003. For those who don’t know Josefina, she is a Mexican economist, businesswoman, and politician who has served in the National Action Party (PAN). She has served in various capacities under the current President Felipe Calderon, including Secretary of Education. In September of 2011, Josefina left her position as Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group to pursue the Presidency of Mexico in 2012.

We have our own election for President this year, which will hopefully retire Barack Obama and usher in a new Republican president who will restore our republic to fiscal sanity, create pro-business policies, get our energy economy growing again, and end the racial divisiveness that is the hallmark of the Obama presidency. Yet the upcoming election in Mexico is also of utmost importance to Americans in terms of building a stronger, more productive relationship between the United States and Mexico. My hope is that if Josefina wins, we will work more closely as countries to combat the drug cartels, boost the Mexican economy, and work towards policies that finally solve the illegal immigration problem, such as the immigration policy proposal advanced by the Lincoln Club of Orange County. As a member of both the Hispanic 100 and Lincoln Club, having worked on the policy with committee chairwoman Teresa Hernandez and other members committed to pursuing a real solution, I believe we have begun a new conversation on the illegal immigration problem that does not include citizenship for illegal immigrants.

As a matter of history, I lived in Mexico for a couple of years back in the early 1990s before moving to the OC, and I have a deep love for the Mexican people. That is why it tears my heart out that some Americans have such animus towards those who come here only to make a better life for themselves and their families. We had a wonderfully functioning guest worker program (The Bracero Program) from 1942 to 1964 that gave skilled field workers the opportunity to work in America. We did not have a serious illegal immigration problem until the program was killed because big agribusiness wanted illegal workers and convinced the federal government to look the other way while they exploited illegal labor from Mexico and other countries south of our border. This is a huge injustice, and I will not rest until illegal immigrants are no longer living in the shadows of America, exploited for their labor. This is the humanitarian issue of our generation. Yet you have spineless politicians that provide public benefits to illegal immigrants in the hopes they will eventually get citizenship and vote for them, not caring that as long as these people continue to live in the shadows, they are vulnerable to crime and exploitation. Additionally, they work for wages  that native-born Americans cannot compete with. It is a racket that has been going on for 48 years where everyone loses except for pandering politicians and exploitative business owners. It is time for this to come to an end, and I invite all conservatives to join us in bringing this about.

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Breakfast with Obama

Posted by Walter Myers III on February 16, 2012

On this Thursday morning, Laura Dietz and her band of merry protesters will take to the streets to demonstrate against the policies of Obama, who will be attending a breakfast fundraiser in Corona del Mar at the incredibly low price of $35,800 per plate. For someone who routinely rails against the 1%, the man just can’t spend enough time with them. But I digress. According to an email Ms. Dietz has circulated that will print in Thursday’s Daily Pilot, the emphasis of the demonstration will be “on returning America to its roots of constitutional government vs. dictates to all aspects of our lives by the President and bureaucrats.” Ms. Dietz has had several signmaking parties at her Cameo Shores home in Corona del Mar, one of which I attended this past Sunday. I must say that I enjoyed meeting Ms. Dietz and the patriotic folks there making signs, but I do wonder what they believe they can accomplish at the demonstration. It’s crystal clear to me that Obama and his bots supporters will have no interest in hearing this message.

At best, I believe the demonstration is a feel good event for some local conservatives who strongly oppose Obama’s policies, a sentiment I share with them. At worst, however, the demonstrators will (not surprisingly) be portrayed by the media as right-wing nuts and, of course, the race card will be played. With the shear amount of signs that will wave on this occasion, at least one will be accused of having some racial connotation, which is national press we certainly don’t need. So I wish the demonstrators all the best, but I think their time would be better spent reaching out to the Democratic strongholds in Orange County with a positive message of conservatism, instead of giving such a loser as Obama the attention that he hardly deserves while appearing negative in the process. There is a world outside of Corona del Mar that is just waiting to hear their message.

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