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Respected South County Leaders Bates, Walters, Harkey Endorse Linda Lindholm for Orange County Board of Education

Posted by Chris Emami on April 15, 2014

This came across the wire earlier today from the Linda Lindholm for Orange County Board of Education Campaign:


Respected South County Leaders Bates, Walters, Harkey Endorse Linda Lindholm for Orange County Board of Education

Contact: Chris Emami

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Mayor Linda Lindholm, the leading candidate for the Orange County Board of Education’s Trustee Area 5 seat, has gained support for her campaign from South Orange County’s most respected women leaders. Orange County Supervisor Patricia C. Bates, Senator Mimi Walters, and Assemblywoman Diane Harkey have all officially endorsed Mayor Lindholm to represent South Orange County on the Orange County Board of Education.

“When I was in the Assembly, I carried bipartisan legislation to expand the number of entities that could authorize charter schools, and I know Linda Lindholm will help advance the ability of parents to start charter schools,” Orange County Supervisor Patricia C. Bates said. “We need Linda Lindholm and her pro-charter school leadership on the Orange County Board of Education.”

“As a State Senator, I’ve worked extensively on key education issues, and have successfully passed important digital textbook legislation into law. Linda Lindholm is an innovator who will use her experience to bring our children’s education into the twenty-first century, and that’s why I proudly endorse her,” said Mimi Walters. “Linda Lindholm is the best choice to represent South County’s children and families on the Orange County Board of Education.”

“With her experience teaching college students as a university instructor and leading a city as mayor, Linda Lindholm brings a unique background and set of skills that we need on the Orange County Board of Education,” Assemblywoman Diane Harkey said. “I am proud to endorse Linda Lindholm because we need her expertise leading the Orange County Board of Education.”

“As mayor, I have had the opportunity to work with Pat Bates, Mimi Walters, and Diane Harkey in improving public policy for South Orange County residents, and I am honored to have their support for Orange County Board of Education,” Lindholm said. “I am truly humbled by their support for my campaign to improve our education system.”

A businesswoman, Mayor Lindholm has served as the President of the Saddleback College Foundation Board, as President of the Beta Foster Care Advisory Board, and as the City Liaison on the Laguna Niguel Youth Committee. She has also served on the Capistrano Unified School District Instructional Materials Review Committee and the Prevent Child Abuse – Orange County Advisory Board.

Professionally, Lindholm has taught college students as a university instructor and worked with school districts on developing programs for teachers of children with physical and learning disabilities. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Colorado State University and her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Kansas.   Lindholm and her husband, Wayne, have three children.


Paid for by Lindholm for Board of Education 2014. ID# 1363994

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Cecilia Iglesias Fundraiser Coming Up April 10th

Posted by Chris Emami on April 3, 2014

This just came across the wire:


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Breaking News: New Democrat Scandal In Senate

Posted by Chris Emami on April 1, 2014

As if it couldn’t get any worse, a new scandal for Senate Democrats appears to be under investigation.

The series of scandals for Democrats started with Roderick Wright being convicted of voter fraud and perjury on January 28th. The scandals continued on Friday February 21st when Ron Calderon was indicted on public corruption charges. It actually got worse on March 26th when Leland Yee was charged with gun trafficking.

Jon Fleischman on the Flash Report reported today that Senator Darrell Steinberg’s office has been raided today. I received a tip from a Sacramento source that the investigation is centered around a Democrat member of the California State Senate accused of cannibalism. With this being the fourth scandal in four months for Senate Democrats the upcoming election could be very interesting.

Authorities have not confirmed the charges yet, but it is rumored that the last known investigation into something like this was centered around a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse back in 1968. These are very serious charges and most people are opposed to cannibalism. We will try to update our readers as more information becomes available.

nightoflivingdeadPlease look at the calendar before you complain to me about this post.

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Breaking News: Auditor-Controller Candidate John Willard’s Ballot Designation Challenge Rejected By Judge

Posted by Chris Emami on March 28, 2014

When it rains it pours. OC Political has broken the story of Troy Edgar being rejected from the ballot today and broken the story of Anna Bryson having part of her ballot statement being declared false and misleading by a judge. These two posts are now part of a trifecta with the latest ballot designation case results being announced. We now can report that Orange County Auditor-Controller candidate John Willard, who challenged the ballot designation of opponent Eric Woolery has had his claim denied by a judge. Willard opposed Woolery using Orange Treasurer/CPA as his designation and was rejected on the grounds that Woolery is in fact the Orange Treasurer and does in fact have a CPA license. On an interesting side note the Willard case was heard by the same judge that heard the Edgar case.


Woolery is the likely front-runner in this election and with his ballot designation being approved by a judge continues his momentum towards June.

Here is the judge’s opinion on the case:


Hearing held. The Court hears oral argument and denies John Wayne Willard’s petition for writ of mandate. The Court informs counsel that the Court will issue a minute order that more fully sets forth the reasoning behind the Court’s ruling.

Later same date, the Court issues the following.

Petitioner John Willard’s Petition for a Peremptory Writ of Mandate ordering Respondent Registrar of Voters not to print ballots with Real Party in Interest Eric Woolery’s designation as “Orange Treasurer/CPA” is denied. Petitioner contends that the “Orange Treasurer” portion of the foregoing designation is misleading and contrary to law (Election Code § 13107 and 2 Cal. Code Regs. (CCR) § 20710 et seq.) on the theory that Woolery’s “principal” occupation is Deputy Director of Administration for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office.

The evidence is undisputed that Woolery was appointed to the position of Treasurer of the City of Orange in 2013 and that he is still serving in that position. (Woolery Decl. ¶ 2) It also is undisputed that Woolery spends approximately 10-15 hours per week fulfilling the duties of that office. (Id.) Because this amount of weekly work is more than “nominal” as that term is used in 2 CCR § 20714(b), it is an “activity [which] is one of the primary, main or leading professional, vocational or occupational endeavors of the candidate.” 2 CCR § 20714(b) Thus, Woolery’s position of Orange Treasurer qualifies as a principal occupation under Election Code § 13107(a)(1). The fact that Woolery may have another job that also is a primary occupation and requires him to work longer hours per week and/or is his main source of income does not preclude the Orange Treasurer designation under the applicable statute and regulations. Andal v. Miller (1994) 28 Cal. App. 4th 358, 366; 2 CCR § 20714(e)(1) (“A candidate may engage in multiple principal professions, vocations or occupations.”). Accordingly, because Petitioner has not established by clear and convincing proof that the designation of “Orange Treasurer/CPA” is misleading, the request for a writ is denied.

Court orders clerk to give notice.

Willard is not in good position to finish in the top two on June 3rd and this definitely does not help his case. It will be interesting to see what the impact of this is on his campaign, he is one of three candidates to purchase the ballot statement. However, he does have the ballot designation of Assistant Director HR, which is probably one of the bottom two designations out of the field of five candidates.

This has been quite a news day in Orange County politics and I am definitely looking forward to catching my breath a bit this weekend.

Full Disclosure: Custom Campaigns is doing the consulting on the Woolery for Auditor-Controller race.

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Breaking News: Troy Edgar Will Not Be On The Ballot

Posted by Chris Emami on March 28, 2014

Updated 10:33 AM- Here is the judge’s opinion from the case:

Ruling on the Merits

Petitioner Troy Edgar’s Petition For Writ of Mandate is denied in its entirety on the basis that Petitioner failed to meet his burden to show that Respondent Kelley’s actions of (i) refusing to qualify Petitioner as a candidate for the office of Clerk-Recorder; and (ii) qualifying Real Party In Interest Al Mijares as a candidate for the 06/03/14 election was in violation of the Elections Code or the Constitution. The evidence shows that Petitioner did not have the signatures of at least 20 registered voters who signed his nomination papers in his possession by the 5:00 p.m. March 7, 2014 deadline imposed by Elections Code § 8020(b).

Writ relief is available for an error or omission in the placing of a name on the ballot pursuant to Election Code 11314. In order to obtain writ relief, Election Code Section 13314(a)(2) requires the moving party to show both “(A) that the error, omission, or neglect is in violation of this [Election] code or the Constitution, [and] (B) that issuance of the writ will not substantially interfere with the conduct of the election.”

Election Code § 8020(a)-(b) requires the following items “to be delivered” to the Registrar of Voters by 5:00 p.m on the 88th day prior to the election (March 7, 2014 here): (1) a Declaration of Candidacy, and (2) Nomination papers “signed by signers.” Significantly, the statute does not require that the documents be filed by that deadline, only that they be “delivered.” While the statute does not specifically require the Declaration of Candidacy to be filled out and signed by the candidate by 5:00 p.m., it would make no sense if the submission of a totally blank form was deemed to comply with this requirement. According to the Supplemental Declaration of Kelley, the practice of the Registrar’s office is to generate a customized Declaration of Candidacy (with preprinted name and office of the candidate) at the time a candidate “pulls papers” (i.e., fills out a candidate information sheet and obtains nomination forms), and then hold that Declaration until the required nomination signatures are submitted. (Kelley Supp. Decl. ¶ 5-6) Respondent asserts that the Declaration of Candidacy is considered “delivered” as of that time. (Id.)

According to Respondent’s evidence, it is the practice of the Registrar of Voters to lock the doors to the office at 5:00 p.m. on the deadline filing date, “but to continue to process completed nomination documents for the individuals who are waiting in line at the time the doors are locked.” (Kelley Decl. ¶ 3) This practice is in compliance with Section 8020 since it limits processing to those candidates who presumably have met the requirements of delivering the mandated forms to the office by 5:00 p.m., i.e., the forms have been completed and are physically in the office by that time. As to the Declaration of Candidacy form, the Registrar’s stated practice of holding onto these forms until the nomination papers are received and verified comports with Election Code § 8028(a) which (with one exception) prohibits a candidate from removing this form from the Registrar’s office. Significantly, there is nothing in the statute or in case law that prohibits the Registrar’s office from considering the Declaration of Candidacy “delivered” as of the time a customized form is generated even though that form has not been signed off under oath by the candidate.

Here, the evidence establishes that Petitioner did not have his nomination papers completed and in the Registrar’s office by 5:00 p.m. Elections Code § 8062(a)(3) requires that at least 20 registered voters sign nomination papers such as those at issue here. The provisions of Election Code § 8062(b) are mandatory, not discretionary, and no nomination paper shall be deemed sufficient that does not comply with this section. As it is undisputed that several of Petitioner’s 20 registered voters did not sign the nomination papers by the 5:00 pm deadline, Respondent did not have discretion to take any act other than to disqualify Petitioner as candidate for Clerk-Recorder.

Petitioner contends that his late delivery of nomination papers should be excused given that he was in the Registrar’s office shortly after 4:00 p.m., and that due to the last-minute rush he was forced to wait until about 4:45 p.m. to obtain the required forms to be filled out. The implication that the Registrar’s office is to blame for his missing the deadline fails to take into account Petitioner’s decision to submit his paperwork at the absolute last hour of a 25-day period. (See Election Code § 8020(b)) Having previously run for election in Orange County (Edgar Decl. ¶ 7), Petitioner knew about the 5:00 p.m. deadline, but assumed he could complete the process in less than an hour.

Obviously, he failed to take into account the possibility of many other candidates also showing up at the last minute.

Given the express statutory mandate, the doctrine of substantial compliance is not applicable here, and Petitioner fails to cite any authorities that have allowed the use of the doctrine in circumstances similar to those at bar. Indeed, in the case most similar to the situation at hand, a court of appeal held that a lower court acted improperly in granting a writ directing a registrar of voters to accept a ballot argument submitted five hours past the statutory deadline. Barnes v. Wong (1995) 33 Cal. App. 4th 390. As stated by Barnes: “The doctrine of substantial compliance does not apply. Cases specifically dealing with statutory deadlines for election filings that are couched in language requiring documents to be filed ‘not less’ than or ‘not later’ than a given number of days before a designated time have insisted on strict compliance with the deadlines.” Id. at 396.

More to the point, the problem with a substantial compliance argument as it applies to time deadlines is that it chips away at a rule designed to level the playing field for all candidates. Without a hard and fast deadline, the possibility of inconsistent (and potentially unfair) administration of preelection procedures is greatly increased.

Likewise, Petitioner’s claims based upon Constitutional equal protection arguments are without merit, as Petitioner failed to present any evidence that the Respondent certified the candidacy of any other candidate that lacked the required number of registered voter signatures by the 5:00 pm deadline. Thus, he cannot show that he received unequal treatment by Respondent. Evidence presented by Respondent tends to show that any candidate who did not have the required number of signatures by the deadline would be treated exactly the same as Petitioner.

As to Real Party in Interest Mijares, the fact that the clerk did not administer the oath required in connection with his Declaration of Candidacy until after 5:00 p.m. on March 7 does not change the result. Mijares testified that he delivered all required nomination papers as well as a signed Declaration of Candidacy well before 5:00 p.m. (Mijares Decl. ¶ 9) Indeed, his statement that he “delivered” the Declaration on February 20 is consistent with the procedure described in the Kelley Supplemental Declaration, as is the fact that it is signed under oath only after the nomination papers have been delivered and verified by the Registrar’s staff. (Kelley Supp. Decl. ¶ 9-10; Mijares Decl. ¶ 13-15) Administering the oath, which is done by the Registrar, is considered part of the processing of election papers that Respondent apparently routinely did after the deadline.

Petitioner also failed to present any evidence whatsoever that issuance of the requested writ will not substantially interfere with the conduct of the upcoming election. Evidence presented by Respondent tends to show that the requested relief substantially interferes with the election.
In short, Petitioner’s application for writ of mandate is denied in its entirety, and the Alterative Writ issued Court orders clerk to e-mail these minutes to all counsel and to give written notice.

I was just informed that the judge has made the ruling that Troy Edgar will not be ops part of the Orange County Clerk-Recorder race. I suppose he could run as a write in candidate, but if his consultants couldn’t even get him on the ballot it is highly unlikely that he will pursue this any further.


At this time we are awaiting more information as to what the judge’s opinion said. After the recent redesign the Orange County Superior Court website is terrible and very hard to navigate. As more information becomes available we will post it.

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BREAKING NEWS: Complaint Filed With Office Of The District Attorney Against Brett Barbre

Posted by Chris Emami on March 26, 2014

OC Political was tipped off today by an anonymous source that a complaint was filed with the office of the District Attorney against Brett Barbre. Barbre who is one of the consultants working on the Troy Edgar campaign is accused of falsely signing that he gathered nomination signatures on a document that somebody else circulated. Here is a copy of the letter that was sent to the Office of the District Attorney:


We will report more on this story along with the pending lawsuit to get Troy Edgar back on the ballot as soon as we get more information.


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Steel Hires One of Top Election Law Attorneys In CA. Does It Matter?

Posted by Chris Emami on March 25, 2014

Michelle Steel has hired Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk, LLP to defend her in a lawsuit by Assemblyman Allan Mansoor challenging her use of the ballot designation “Taxpayer Advocate.” This is extremely impressive considering Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk, LLP successfully represented George Runner when both Barbara Alby and Alan Nakanishi challenged “Taxpayer Advocate” in Runner’s “Taxpayer Advocate/Senator” designation. Runner went on to win this race and is currently a sitting member of the California State Board of Equalization. Here are the results, courtesy of http://www.smartvoter.org:


State Board of Equalization; District 2; Republican Party

  • George Runner, Republican ………. 228,758 votes 35.4%
  • Alan Nakanishi, Republican ………. 192,475 votes 29.8%
  • Barbara Alby, Republican ………. 164,527 votes 25.4%
  • Edward C. Streichman, Republican ………. 60,987 votes 9.4%

My reaction to hearing about the ballot designation challenge was, “Does it really matter?” Steel as of campaign finance reports released last night has an ending cash balance of over $500,000. Mansoor has an ending cash balance of just over $60,000. With that much cash on hand, Steel can run as Taxpayer Advocate, State Board of Equalization Member, or Evil Corporate Lawyer and likely still win (or at least finish in 1st place and advance to November).

I definitely understand why Mansoor is doing this because Taxpayer Advocate is a very good ballot designation. Unfortunately, Mansoor might have failed to realize that State Board of Equalization Member is also a very good ballot designation.

Steel currently has an active ground campaign, the most money raised, and the most local endorsements. Many people have told me, “Don’t count out Allan Mansoor, he beat Leslie Daigle when she had a lot more money.” I look at a number of differences in that race:

  • When Mansoor beat Daigle in 2012 he was a sitting incumbent.
  • Daigle did not have the local support that Mansoor had in 2012 (local endorsements were weighted heavily in Mansoor’s favor).
  • Contrary to popular belief Mansoor’s committee actually outspent Daigle’s committee. (IE’s are what tilted the cash battle in Daigle’s favor).
  • Mansoor had a far better precinct operation than Daigle in 2012.

I plan to provide a more thorough analysis on this race along with a number of others closer to election day.

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Petrilla Named Most Recent Pathfinder Candidate By California Trailblazers: Joins 5 Other OC Candidates

Posted by Chris Emami on March 24, 2014

I have been meaning to write about this for a while but got behind with a ton of work that had piled up on my desk.


Orange County has a number of candidates that have advanced to ‘Pathfinder’ status by the California Trailblazers. Jesse Petrilla (AD 73) joins Janet Nguyen (SD 34), Pat Bates (SD 36), Ling-Ling Chang (AD 55), Phillip Chen (AD 55), and Young Kim (AD 65).

In order to explain a bit more about how the California Trailblazers program works, here is an excerpt from a press release that they issued:

California Trailblazers Announces Four ‘Pathfinder’ Candidates

Senate and Assembly candidates surpass rigorous campaign goals and earn distinction

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California Trailblazers today announced another round of Republican candidates who have advanced to ‘Pathfinder’ status, the first level in the program’s three-tier structure. The Trailblazers program is off to a strong start with a majority of state Assembly and Senate candidates enrolled in the program. With today’s announcement, 13 candidates have reached ‘Pathfinder’ status. The Trailblazers program successfully helps candidates strengthen their campaigns by providing resources, training opportunities and practical skills so they are equipped to build and run winning campaigns.

“To renew and rebuild the Republican Party, we need to help develop quality Republican candidates who represent their districts’ values and are well-positioned to connect and engage with voters. Our goal is to elevate candidates and strengthen their campaigns by encouraging them to achieve specific benchmarks throughout the campaign cycle,” said California Trailblazers CEO Jessica Patterson. “Candidates move up the ranks as they reach aggressive benchmarks and develop a strong campaign infrastructure.” Re: CA Trailblazers Announce Petrilla as ‘Pathfinder’ Candidate Page 1 of 3

The three-tier structure encourages candidates to advance through the levels of ‘Pathfinder,’ ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Trailblazer’ by providing tools and resources for candidates to develop successful campaigns.

California Trailblazers distinguishes candidates as ‘Pathfinders’ once they’ve established the foundation for a robust and winning campaign. ‘Pathfinder’ candidates have raised more than $100,000 in campaign contributions, identified local volunteers and precinct captains and created a substantial online presence through a dynamic website and active social media effort.

This is big news for Petrilla who is likely fending off CUSD Trustee Anna Bryson to advance to the November General Election. Petrilla is already the leading fundraiser in AD 73 and has always been known for having a large amount of grassroots supporters. A combination of his being named a ‘Pathfinder’, raising the most money, having a strong grassroots network, and his military background are leading me to believe that he will be tough to beat in June.

Petrilla finished in first place in the 2010 Rancho Santa Margarita City Council race (impressively finishing ahead of 2 incumbents):

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA Member, City Council                                   
Number To Vote For: 3
Completed Precincts: 31 of 31
                 Vote Count                 Percentage                
JESSE PETRILLA 7,396 22.9%
STEVEN BARIC 6,915 21.4%
* GARY THOMPSON 6,843 21.2%
* NEIL C. BLAIS 6,823 21.1%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

Ironically, I believe that Wendy Gabriella will come in first in June due to the Republican vote being split amongst four candidates. Whoever emerges from this brutal primary will likely coast in the November election against Wendy Gabriella.

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Repost: OC Political March Madness Pool 2014

Posted by Chris Emami on March 19, 2014

UPDATE 3-19-2014: Tournament starts tomorrow. Get your brackets in today.

It is that time of year again. Much Madness is upon us and OC Political is offering a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card to the winner of our free pool. All we ask is that people use their real names in order to make it easier for us to reward the winner with the prize.

Congrats go out to last years winner Connor Duckworth. Can he pull a repeat again this year or will the champion be someone different.

Here are the instructions to enter the pool which we have set up through Yahoo!

Go to http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/register/joingroup
Our Group ID # is 157582
Our Password is reagan

Let me know if you have any issues. We are looking forward to another fun-filled contest.


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OC Political March Madness Pool 2014

Posted by Chris Emami on March 17, 2014

It is that time of year again. Much Madness is upon us and OC Political is offering a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card to the winner of our free pool. All we ask is that people use their real names in order to make it easier for us to reward the winner with the prize.

Congrats go out to last years winner Connor Duckworth. Can he pull a repeat again this year or will the champion be someone different.

Here are the instructions to enter the pool which we have set up through Yahoo!

Go to http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/register/joingroup
Our Group ID # is 157582
Our Password is reagan

Let me know if you have any issues. We are looking forward to another fun filled contest.


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